15€ Power Supply Kit 0..30V /2,5A

Design of a low cost power supply kit without SMD components.

Power Supply Kit


Power Supply Kit
Circuit diagram a PDF


Power Supply Kit

Assebled PCB

Power Supply Kit

Bill of material

Quanity Component Description
3 C4, C11, C13 1nF 2.5mm
9 C1, C2, C5, C6, C7, C8, C10, C12, C14 100nF 2.5mm
3 C15, C17, C18 100pF 2.5mm
1 C16 100µF / 35V
1 C9 220µF / 35V low ESR
1 D3 Zener diode 12V 0.5W
1 IC2 ATMega8-16
1 IC1 7805
3 T14, T16, T17 BC547C
1 T15 TIP142
1 IC3 LM324
6 T7, T8, T10, T11, T12, T13 BC557C
1 R22 0.1R 2W
8 R4, R6, R15, R16, R17, R20, R25, R30 1k 1% 0.25W
1 R29 1k5 1% 0.25W
1 R23 2k 1% 0.25W
1 R14 7k5 1% 0.25W
7 R2, R19, R21, R24, R26, R27, R28 10k 1% 0.25W
1 R11 10R 1% 0.25W
1 R18 20k 1% 0.25W
1 R31 200k 1% 0.25W
7 R5, R7, R8, R9, R10, R12, R13 300R 1% 0.25W
Quanity Description
2 LED display (common cathode)
1 Print 50x100mm, 2 layer
2 Potentiometer 1k

Option Buck

Higher efficiency at low output voltage.

Power Supply Kit - Option Buck

Bill of material

Quanity Component Description
1 C3 220µF / 35V low ESR
2 T1, T3 BC547C
1 T2 BC557C
1 R1 1k 1% 0.25W
1 R3 2k 1% 0.25W
1 T4 IRF5305
1 D1 SB360
1 L1 47µH 2,5A

Option Boost

Provides a higher output voltage of 24V .. 30V.

Power Supply Kit - Option Boost

Bill of material

Quanity Component Description
1 T9 BC547C
1 T6 BC557C
1 T5 IRLZ34N
1 D2 SB360

Some pictures

Power Supply Kit
Power Supply Kit
Gerber files

Source code

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