HP Gauge

HP Gauge

On-Board Computer System with HP Gauge.

Bord Computer

On-Board Computer System with LCD Display. It's possible to measure the actual motor power in HP or kW, thrust, speed, g-force, acceleration, elasticity, braking distance, inclination angle and time. An external gauge meter could be connected.

Bord Computer

There is also a module that can be integrated under the car dashboard. There is no LCD. The values are displayed on external gauge meters. Here are some examples:

Radleistung    Schub    Tachometer    G Beschleunigung    Beschleunigung    Elastizität    Bremsweg    Neigungsmesser    Stoppuhr   

Your own gauge meter

Take a RPM gauge:

Remove the scale:

Create your own scale with the scale generator:

Replace it in you RPM gauge:

Some photos

Circuit diagram and source code